Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No MTP fun in KDE SC 4.10

If you own an Android device and use Linux in your PC, chances are you've had issues when trying to browse your device through a USB connection. The fact that Android started using MTP made things difficult in Linux, because the latter was not really that ready to support it. For the most part, this is not such a big deal because there are great tools available in Android that truly reduce the gap and offer even better alternatives, such as AirDroid and obviously the Google all-in-the-Cloud approach. However, if you want to download/upload a really big chunk of data, sometimes using a USB cable is the best option.

I was particularly happy to see KDE address this Linux gap in KDE SC 4.10, which was supposed to significantly improve MTP support. Unfortunately, after trying both in Chakra and Fedora, I am consistently getting errors:

Has anybody found a fix for this or knows how to make it work?


  1. I tried many things unsuccessfully until I installed gMTP. With the latter, I have no problems.

    1. Hi Sebastian

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! That gMTP package, I can´t find it in Fedora. Which distro are you on? Did you get the package from official repositories or downloaded and compiled it yourself?

  2. Hi Chema,

    this page lists binary packages for

    Oracle Solaris 10
    Debian GNU/Linux
    Arch Linux
    Gentoo Linux
    The Chakra Project
    Calculate Linux

    Best regards, mark

  3. OpenSUSE for some reason has a working implementation, Sabayon works too, as does KUbuntu for me on sgs3, nexus4, nexus7.

    Sadly on Chakra and Arch I couldn't get it running (yet).