Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Boot Splash coming to Kubuntu 13.04

Not much to talk about here, just watch and enjoy!

Personally, I keep feeling Kubuntu boot splash screens are a bit boring. Ubuntu Studio, for instance, does a much better job in my opinion. Nevertheless, it's good to see a genuine interest in listening to the community and incorporating their feedback. What I don't understand is why Ubuntu distros keep using such a terrible looking GRUB2 menu... Fedora started using it a lot later and theirs is soooo much better looking.


  1. kubuntu bootsplashes are not exciting, still they are decent enough


    If you want fun have a look at Cylon Linux Chema.

  3. I am always disappointed in the Bootsplashes on Ubuntu and other Linux releases to be Honest.

    When you first load your OS the bootsplash seems to operate correctly. As soon as you load your NVIDIA or ATI Video drivers it all turns into a real mess. Video resolution is ruined on boot, and half the time I am greeted with the usual text boot messages as Linux starts its different services.

    I have tried on so many occasions to fix this issues but to no avail so bootsplashes mean every little to me, cause they never work anyway!

    If I were a normal user trying Ubuntu or a similar distro I would not want to see the services text information and would find it quite concerning. It certainly does not make the Operating System look very professional to the non-techie.