Friday, September 7, 2012

Kwin continues to improve

As I am waiting to get my KDE SC 4.9.1 upgrade on my Chakra box (don't want to write a review based on a KDE SC .0 release), I was pleased to find another Martin Gräßlin blog post about Kwin improvements. We have seen several such improvements lately, the one dealing with Kwin effects which took place as we were reaching KDE SC 4.8 likely being the most significant and obvious to the user. 4.9 incorporates further changes, the most evident being wobbly windows, which shows dramatic improvement over previous releases.

The good news is that such improvements are not stopping, and Martin has shared recently how he's implemented some changes that will improve the translucency effect performance among others. This is great, because translucency is usually a default in KDE implementations, so if it was causing a performance impact, as Martin hints, then a fix will be widely welcome.

Some of the improvements Martin talks about will be implemented as soon as KDE SC 4.9.2. Others will have to wait until 4.10. Regardless of whether those improvements are 1 or 5 months away, they are certainly welcome and will continue to add further polish to KDE as whole.

Martin's article is a bit technical, but those interested in reading the full story can find it HERE.

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