Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KDE SC 4.9 is almost here!

A recent post discussing upcoming KDE SC 4.9 release parties made an interesting remark about the nature of the latest from KDE camp. I must admit that, unlike in other recent releases, I haven't been able to find your usual list of exciting new features and that remark may help in clarifying why:

"KDE 4 on it’s ninth reincarnation will arrive at 1st August, making it the stablest, solidiest, snnapiest and quickiest of them all. A HUGE effort was put on polishness, more bugs were squished than I can count, and things got fast, I mean, Really Fast."

Is this KDE SC release what many of us had been asking for, a halt on throwing in new features like there's no tomorrow to get the basics right once and for all? I certainly hope so and, even if polish does not make it perfect, the effort to concentrate on stability and performance is certainly welcome!

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