Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Linux and Android meet again

After many very busy days where I couldn't find a minute to post anything, things start to get back to normal. Unfortunately, I have had no option but to delay some reviews I was working on, but I hope I can share them in the next few days, Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora 17 among them.

Today I wanted to share some interesting news about Android and Linux, good news in fact. Most people claim Android uses the Linux Kernel, which is not incorrect, but not that many know that the Linux Kernel had dropped Android support since two years ago. Fortunately, Linux Kernel 3.3 embraces Android back and is the first release to include its drivers after that long gap.

Being a big fan and user of both Android and Linux, I am happy to see them reunite. Hopefully the issues that set them on different paths are now solved and their unity truly translates into more strength.

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  1. What applications would you advice a user to download for Ubuntu 12.04?