Friday, May 4, 2012

KDE SC 4.8.3 is out now

The may bugfix release for KDE SC 4.8 series was just announced today. I know Kubuntu users already have it available in the update PPA, but I am sure other distros will be making it available in the next few days.

According to the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, this bugfix release brings "...significant bugfixes (that) include improvements to the Kontact Suite, bugfixes in Dolphin and many more corrections and performance improvements all over the place..." As is the case with most bugfix releases in KDE SC, it is recommended as it will not incorporate new features, but only further performance and stability benefits.

I am wondering, though... Will the Dolphin animations that got lost in KDE SC 4.8.1 be back with this bugfix release? Let's wait and see.

EDIT (May 7th, 2012): I have now received the KDE SC 4.8.3 updates on my Chakra machine and I can still reproduce the Dolphin animations bug, they are still missing. I have been trying to find information about this and why the animations disappeared, but can't find anything... Anyone knows why they got lost after KDE SC 4.8.0?


  1. The Dolphin engine was rewritten for 4.8.0. That's probably why they disappeared.

  2. Sorry, not sure I follow you...

    The animations I describe were part of KDE 4.8.0, and successive bugfixes are just that, bugfixes. I doubt a complete rewrite of the engine would take place inside a bugfix... I just think the bug fixes introduced in KDE SC 4.8.1 killed the animations for one reason or another and maybe they were kept that way because the had a negative effect on something? Just guessing here, but a bit more info from KDE would be appreciated.