Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Eternal Night

Since I just wrote a review about Ubuntu Studio, I thought it would be good timing to share what I am doing with it and how accurately it fits its "Linux for creative humans" slogan. In order to display just a tiny bit of what can be achieved using the amazing software included with Ubuntu Studio, I put together a video including one of my songs and a very simple demonstration of what OpenShot can do with the help of Blender (needless to say, I am as far from an expert on those two as one can be).

The video includes images of my very humble studio, as well as some of the gear I use to record. I hope this provides some insight into what I do and how far you can go with this software if you let it take your creativity to new grounds.

For those into Audio Production, I recorded all drum tracks directly from Hydrogen into Ardour. All other tracks are real instruments either mic'ed (mostly the acoustic tracks and some guitar solos), or recorded direct from my POD X3. All of the mixing and mastering was done in Ardour. All effects come from the pre-installed LADSPA effects.

Hope you enjoy the video and the song!


  1. Very good sound, Man!

    There's still room for some (progressive) metal, at last!

    Greetings from Brazil,


  2. Great tunes and impressing shredding! Coupled with that vibrant drum work, it's a pretty enjoyable track. Also loved those electronic effects near the end, nice touch :)
    Is that Ardour 3? What are your thoughts on it so far?

  3. gran canción! como las guitarras de antes!


  4. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them!

    @Escapee: That's Ardour2.8, which is what is installed in Ubuntu Studio 12.04. I have not tested Ardour 3.

  5. You did an excellent job! This is exactly the inspiration I was looking for to start working on ubuntu studio. Thanks a lot for the sharing.

    By the way, which soundcard do you use?

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. I am using an M-Audio 1010LT