Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nepomuk Tasks: Sponsor your favorite!

In a recent post, Sebastian Trüg has shared his new approach to the creation of new semantic desktop features or bugfixes. The new Nepomuk Task Sponsoring PAGE shares a number of relevant new features or fixes that can become a reality with some economic support from the community.

Seems like this approach is already paying off because it took really short for Sebastian to publish his first bugfix, a solution to a PROBLEM many of us have been complaining about: Nepomuk eating up way too much CPU.

In another recent post, Sebastian EXPLAINED how the solution was found, describing how the root cause analysis led him to complete some SPARQL query optimization to finally kill the bug. In the process, though, he ended up improving the "Akonadi Nepomuk Email indexer/feeder in several places".

What does this all mean? Well, this is really good news, because come KDE SC 4.8.2 (in two to three weeks), we will have a less resource hungry Nepomuk, which all KDE users can benefit from, and much needed improvements in Akonadi email indexing. These are both good steps forward towards a fully functional semantic desktop.

Please visit the new Nepomuk Task Sponsoring PAGE and check if there is a task you would like to sponsor. As you can see, the return of investment cannot get much better than this, plus you get to influence how Nepomuk shapes up moving forward.

EDIT: Sebastian just posted about yet another feature that has quickly been sponsored and will soon make it into Nepomuk (this time aiming at KDE SC 4.9). Check it out, VIRTUOSO INFERENCE.

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