Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calligra 2.4 ready for prime time

After what feels like a century waiting, Calligra 2.4 final release will at last become available any time now. KDE therefore gets an up to date Office suite with several great things about it already worth looking at.

  • Perfect Native Integration: Those of you who have used either Open or Libre Office under KDE will know that integration is far from perfect, even with the right packages installed. Calligra will finally provide a perfectly integrated office suite for KDE users.
  • Reduced Size: Unlike those other popular office suites, Calligra has a fairly small disk space footprint.
  • A Fresh New Approach: Calligra brings a new take on its UI, deviating from anything MS Office ever did. A bold move, we'll have to wait and see how users adoption goes.
  • Krita: Probably the star of the suite at this point and a good enough reason for many to install and start using Calligra.

With all of the above in mind, it's still important to understand that Calligra is a very young project and that release 2.4 is merely a foundation to build upon. However, according to this BLOG POST, exciting and powerful new features are already in the pipeline for Calligra 2.5. In fact, check out the following video, which demonstrates upcoming Calligra Words 2.5 table resizing capabilities:

One other thing that's worth mentioning and great news is that, now that the heavy lifting to get Calligra 2.4 ready is over and done with, improvements and new features should be implemented at a much faster rate. For now, Calligra developers seem to aim at 4 month release cycles. If they manage to match that pace, Calligra should be a very strong contender in the Office suite arena within 12 to 18 months, which in itself is quite an accomplishment!

Congrats to all members of the Calligra project for this release!


  1. It needs to be able to save in other formats, especially MS ones to be accepted, otherwise it looks to be a great office suit.

  2. @Arup forget MS Office, in all honesty MS can die in hellfire. If you want calligra you will use ODF or the default calligra saves to.

    Not limiting to licensing I am so sick of MS Office being the be-all end-all of office suites. Calligra has options no other office suite on earth can measure up to, not mentioning wouldn't translate to .docx at all. The way Koffice aka calligra is developed, just would not make that at all possible in any universe.