Monday, February 13, 2012

Pardus is no more

2012 is not bringing us Linux users much to cheer about so far. To the recent sad news on Mandriva and Kubuntu, we can add now the end of Pardus, a Turkey based project that was doing a great job putting together a user friendly KDE distro.

For more information, please check THIS and THAT statement from some of the project (ex)developers.


  1. Am i wrong or no big KDE distro will remain, just openSUSE?

    Unfortunately, this could bring some troubles to KDE project itself...

  2. @Ricardo: Not exactly the case. Chakra is gaining momentum very quickly and Kubuntu is not going anywhere anytime soon. Fedora and Arch both have awesome KDE implementations and there are other, more obscure projects out there as well, like the very young Mageia.

    On top of that, KDE can be installed on other distros, like Ubuntu, so its options are still open. Having said so, I do think these problems will not help, so let´s hope some good news arrive soon!

  3. Hi Chema.
    KDE is there to stay and although the recent developments have perturbed the KDE users, I hope it will get better.

    Also Chema, didn't you receive a comment from me on your post "Which one is for you, GNOME or KDE?".

  4. Hi Mohammad,

    I did receive an email message notifying me of your comment, but when I got into my blog to publish it, it was not there!... I don´t know what happened, to be honest!

  5. pardus have always be my linux show off distro since 2011.
    so i feel really bad about these news about pardus which has been a wonderful distro leaving behind all its similars.

  6. Pardus was among the best of all KDE distributions. The problem was Tubitak the institute who support it:;jsessionid=7F7C195DD67443F7664246F71A5C6C16

    Some there want only Microsoft/Windows. So they not put much effort in to have a good communication with the Pardus community and users.
    And not give them enough resources to compete with Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc..
    So they did they best to kill Pardus and now they have done it.

  7. Mandriva and Kubuntu? I saw they are still on the case, why worry? :)

  8. Oh no! I am really really sad that there will no longer be what is probably the finest KDE version of a linux distro - Ever!
    Please, can someone else not pick up the baton and run with it. It's too good to lose.

  9. This is extremely sad news. I think Pardus had the potential to become the best KDE distribution available, and possibly the keystone in converting Windows users to the world of Linux through its ease of use and friendly tweaks to make KDE more welcoming. The main reason I went back to OpenSUSE from my Pardus 2011 install was the feeling that the distro was still too young, and I had various problems with it, such as having to compile programs that simply weren't in its repositories yet. But my hope was that I could come back in a year or two and keep trying Pardus, and watching as the project matured and became more usable for me.

    I sincerely hope this news is not truly the end. Please, someone out there, pick up the reins and continue developing Pardus, because I feel that in a world overwhelmed by GNOME-dominated distributions, where only OpenSUSE is the real KDE king, Pardus had the promise of becoming something truly unique and fantastic...the potential to become a big name and mainstay in the KDE community.

  10. Good news...
    Pardus continues :-)

  11. I loved the Pardus, I am SAD I stumbled unto this bereavement news. Truly datacully depressed now, It was so neat a system. Any hacker-healers out there, please raise this system from the dead; FAST!

    i think I need someone to send bereavement flowers, food, and of course - money to console me!


  12. Community run fork.