Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet The Spark

This is one of the most exciting posts I have published in ages, The mighty Spark is closer and closer and now, pre-order registration is open!


So, never heard of The Spark? Time to get to know it! Aaron Seigo started publishing some posts recently about a new project he was about to get involved, one so profound that it was a bit of a paradigm shift in his life. I was intrigued by those almost phylosophical articles, which brilliantly built up to a higher note, which as it turned out, was the introduction of the Spark.

The Spark is a device, but most importantly, it is the result of a great move by the Plasma Active developers, which have bravely decided to contact hardware manufacturers to create their own device. Using Aaron's own description of The Spark:

"It sports an open Linux stack on unlocked hardware and comes with an open content and services market. The user experience is, of course, Plasma Active and it will be available to the general public. The hardware is modest but compelling: 1GHz AMLogic ARM processor, Mali-400 GPU, 512 MB RAM, 4GB internal storage plus SD card slot, a 7" capacitive multi-touch screen and wifi connectivity.

I'm sure some of you are already wondering what the retail price will be. The answer: a mere €200."

Like I was saying, this is way more than just a tablet. As Aaron himself rightly puts it:

"This is more than just another piece of hardware on the market, though. This is a unique opportunity for Free software. Finally we have a device coming to market on our terms. It has been designed by and is usable by us on our terms. We are not waiting for some big company to give us what we desire, we're going out there and making it happen together. Just as important: the proceeds will be helping fuel the efforts that make this all possible."

Aaron also published a very short video showcasing (note that this is NOT a product demo, more like a proof of concept) how things are coming together:


Aaron has been publishing lots of very interesting information around The Spark lately, so I very much recommend stopping by his BLOG (which includes plenty of FAQ answers) as well as the project own WEBSITE.


Interested? No wonder! Pre-order registration is now open, so head up THERE and let the project leaders know of your interest. This will allow them to gauge interest and allocate the right amount of resources.

I have already pre-ordered mine... What are you waiting for?

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