Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Try the new Oxygen Fonts!

Yup, KDE's brand new font set, unsurprisingly deemed Oxygen, is now ready for testing. Simply go HERE and download the Oxygen ttf file (recommend the Oxygen Regular 0.1 test release).

To install it, simply go to KDE System Settings > System Administration > Font Installer. The installation of the ttf file is pretty straight forward. You can see how it looks in its current state in my Kubuntu installation right below:

Give it a go and report issues/feedback!


  1. +1 - I looked at these fonts to use in Fuduntu recently, they look really nice. Ended up choosing Droid Sans though, thought it fit the desktop interface better.

  2. Hey Brother. How are you?
    Been time I didn't dropped by your blog. Your last post will prove informative to many users.
    Take Care bro.

  3. Thanks Fewt and Mohammad... Glad to see you around!

  4. Absolutely loving the Oxygen font, when I first saw it I immediately started looking up the font's name and using it. Thanks.

    Only one remark: IMO every number should have constant width, "1" and "7" are more narrow than others

    1. Glad that you enjoy them. I agree with your remark, but note that I shared the beta version of these fonts, they have not been released yet, so that's why there's still polishing left to do.

  5. There is the problem with the Oxygen-Fonts in Ubuntu. In the KDE font settings the Oxygen Mono font can not be select as Mono-font. I guess mono fonts carry some sort of marking that they are a mono font and I assume this marking does not exist.