Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More on Dolphin 2.0

You may have noticed that I have not published any review for a while now. The reason for that is that I am having lots of issues with some of the latest releases. Some of them based on Kernel 3.1 don't seem to get along well with some of my hardware (screen flickering problems). Some others, such as Fedora and its forks, present issues with the default partitioning, for which my BIOSes are not ready. Unfortunately, even after enforcing DOS partition tables, I still get Anaconda crashes (consistent on all Fedora spins, as well as Kororaa). If that was not enough, I keep having issues with LiveUSBs for the likes of Chakra and OpenSUSE, but I hope that shall be solved soon as I have an external optical drive on the way!.

While I try to fix those issues, I keep reading Linux stuff all over the place and today I found an update I found interesting. Peter Penz, the main man behind KDE Dolphin published another update today, showing screenshots for the new grouping feature that will be part of Dolphin 2.0. I think the results are very interesting and this new feature certainly looks helpful, but I agree with Pete that there is room for visual improvement.

On a different note, Pete also discusses another feature that will make it to Dolphin 2.1, one which some old Dolphin fans will probably be missing: "The showing of any arbitrary meta-data of a file in the views."

Please visit Pete's own blog to get further information and see the screenshots from this ARTICLE.


  1. Very useful information. Thank you.

  2. Screen flickering problems?? That's graphics driver issues surely just like everybody else who insists on trying to use unsupported drivers on gnome 3 when the open source ones work perfectly well.

  3. Nothing to do with that. The screen flickering problem I have with my HP2730p tablet, and others with that machine do too. If you check my article "My Fedora 16 fiasco" you will see more about it...

    It has nothing to do with GNOME, flickering is there as soon as the liveUSB starts loading Plymouth and it is consistent on both GNOME and KDE versions.

  4. Hi did you find any way how to fix it?

  5. Well, screen flickering problems are very much there still, but that's out of my control, I guess I can just wait and hope that future Kernel releases will get that covered.

    As for the LiveUSB issues, they are very much gone thanks to my brand new external optical drive. I was able to install OpenSUSE 12.1 (review in the works) and Chakra easily (review soon), so I am back in the game!