Monday, December 19, 2011

Winamp + KDE = Qmmp

These are times of Cloud music storage and players, when one can choose to store music on the cloud and listen to it anywhere from any device, or stream it from one of the available sites out there. Having said so, I guess there are still people like me, who also like to keep a local music collection and play it using more of a good old installed player. In fact, us Linux users are fortunate, because there is a plethora of audio players available in Linux these days. From the feature-full likes of Banshee and Amarok, to others that are maybe less powerful, but in turn lighter and faster, there is something for everyone.

Back when I used Windows as my only OS, I was a big Winamp fan, so I have always enjoyed using it in Linux. Nostalgia is a part of it, but also the fact that there are few others that work as fast. I usually go back and forth between the powerful media players and Winamp clones, but at the end of the day, I usually realize that I just need something that plays the music I like to listen to.


As far as Winamp clones go in Linux, there are a few alternatives, Audacious probably being the most popular one. However, Audacious is GTK based and I have experienced issues in the past when trying to make it work under KDE. QMMP is a much better option for KDE users, for it is QT based.

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Like others Winamp clones, Qmmp supports skins (unfortunately only the old .wsz ones, not .wal ones), which allow users to choose between a lot of beautiful options, as shown in these screenshots.

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All the usual classic Winamp features are also there, such as EQ, playlists, etc.

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  1. Hi Chema,
    Your Desktop is looking great.
    Take Care.

  2. How do you add skins to this player?. And where can you get skins?. I just installed it from Yast2 and it only has one skin.

  3. Robert, it's actually pretty simple. Probably you have found a way around it already, but in case you haven't here's how:

    Open Qmmp and right click on the app (near top, away from controls is a good spot), which will bring a menu. Towards the bottom you should see "Settings". Click there and you will find skins easily as part of the "Appearance" menu.

    As for getting skins, there are plenty of places, but you could use 1001 SKINS.

  4. Thanks!. And Merry Christmas:).

  5. QMMP is awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  6. did this qmm can to running on ubuntu genome..???

  7. @Kirnos: For Ubuntu you are better off with xmmp or better yet, Audacious. They both offer the same Winamp clone deal, can use the same skins, etc.

  8. This looks lovely. I'm pretty new to Linux. I've used Ubuntu in the past (hated it) and I was on CrunchBang for a while but it refused to cooperate with my computer, so now I'm on Linux Mint (okay I guess). Would this work fine with Mint?

    Oda Elisabeth

    1. Thanks for your comments!

      This is meant for a KDE system, thus a player based on Qt. For Linux Mint, you are better off with Audacious, which is more or less the same and supports the same Winamp skins. You should find Audacious in the official repositories, no need for tweaks here. Just open the software center, search for it and download. Skins you can get from a plethora of places.