Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kubuntu to use LightDM

Sounds like Kubuntu might stop using KDM to start using LightDM as the default login screen, just like Ubuntu does, perhaps as soon as Kubuntu 12.04. This is an interesting twist that is making some noise, for it seems that KDE is not going in the same direction. Kubuntu would therefore deviate from what other KDE distros are doing, leading the way to uncertain territory.

If the switch is successful, and I personally think it has big potential, it could add to the list of things that make Kubuntu unique today, perhaps helping to raise its popularity. The Muon Software center, DEB packaging, the many PPAs available and all other benefits that Kubuntu inherits from its older brother, along with a unique LightDM login screen, could end up turning Kubuntu into the first choice for KDE users.

We will have to wait and see what happens and whether Kubuntu can push LightDM into the KDE realm, but I personally am very pleased with the direction Kubuntu is taking and how fast it is improving. Back three years ago, I considered Kubuntu a weak KDE distro when compared to the likes of PCLinuxOS, Fedora or Mandriva, but I consider it just as good today. If it continues to grow at this rate, it might become my favorite KDE distro, specially after PCLinuxOS developers decided to skip the upgrade to KDE 4.7.

For those interested in this subject, please read this ARTICLE by Dave Edmunson himself, the man behind the LightDM development for Kubuntu.


  1. what will it look like

  2. lightdm makes me login twice when switching users. Annoying.. switched back to KDM which works flawlessly.