Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KDE 4.7.4 available

The latest bug fix release in the KDE 4.7 series was made available a few days ago. Some distros like Arch and Chakra got it first, while Kubuntu users had to wait until today. In this case, 4.7.4 goes back to being mostly a bug fix and translation enhancement release, with the usual performance and stability enhancements that should be installed by all 4.7 users.

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Unlike the previous two bug fix releases, which included significant changes/fixes to KDE PIM components (such as Kontact, Kmail, Nepomuk, etc.), KDE 4.7.4 brings less relevant updates, but we are still going to see some important bug fixes to the semantic desktop, as explained by Sebastian Trueg himself in this blog POST of his.


  1. Hey Chema,
    It is good to have you back. Yeah received the KDE 4.7.4 updates and system is more stable now.
    Also have published my Final Article for now "Kubuntu 11.10 Komprehensively Explored!". Have explained KDE also in detail, Hope that you like it.
    Looking forward to KDE 4.8 , Take Care brother.

  2. Hi Mohammad,

    Nice post on Kubuntu and KDE, just a couple things: I personally find the article too long, and something of that size would probably require an index of sorts or something to make it easier to follow. Perhaps split the article in pieces using a certain criteria to part one section from another?

    On a different note, I would recommend staying away from statements such as "Windows can't hold a candle to Linux". That phrase (which is not true, by the way) immediately turns you into a fanboi and your credibility is cut in half. Windows is still better than Linux in many ways, also worse than Linux in others, but it is undeniably a good OS (talking Windows 7 here).

    Take care buddy