Thursday, November 3, 2011

Next Ubuntu sounds good

No, I am not a fan of how "precise pangolin" rings, it´s just that I am hearing things about the next LTS Ubuntu release that I find interesting and promising.

On the one hand, I like the fact that Ubuntu 12.04 development will focus on stability and polish. The following are a couple excerpts from Mark Shuttleworth´s own POST on the upcoming Ubuntu release:

"so this cycle is an opportunity to put perfection front and center."

"While there are some remaining areas we’d like to tweak the user experience, they will probably be put on hold so we can focus on polish, performance and predictability."

At last the words I wanted to hear... I still don´t like Unity and don´t think I will even after they improve it, but I am glad they decided to stop, think and get it to at least work as it was meant to when they designed it. In addition, further improvements in different elements that made their debut in 11.10 are expected, such as better integration of LightDM. I think Canonical also decided to extend LTS release support to 5 years now, so things are aligning towards a very promising release.

Last but definitely not least, we have seen some previews of what could become Ubuntu´s very own new icon theme. I personally think they look amazing and if they end up finally becoming the default theme in 12.04, Ubuntu looks will take a huge step forward! (See the previews from Yellowicon own site HERE).


  1. Ubuntu 12.04 is going to be awesome.
    @Chema Brother you don't Unity find it interesting or appealing(may be because you are a self professed "custimisation freak") but Mark has said they will look into this aspect for 12.04 plus many other things and may be You will also like it.

  2. Thanks Mohammad!

    Very much doubt it. It's not to do with lack of customization, really, it's just that it is not a good product. So far, unlike GNOME Shell, which is a paradigm shift with consistent ideas all over the place, Unity is simply a glorified menu. That wouldn't be that bad in itself, but the Apple fanboi approach behind the global menu, changing window icons location, removing options for no reason, etc.

    I don't know, I respect that Ubuntu creates its own "personality", but I would like a bit more thought before changes happen apparently just for the sake of it.

    Then, on top of that is the fact that it just works like crap. Compiz wasn't exactly the most solid block to build foundations on and it shows, plus the development has been rushed and delivered to the public in Alpha state. That may be the only way to get something worthwhile in the end, as Aaron Seigo would probably say himself, but I don't agree.

    Like I said, regardless of whether one likes it or not, GNOME Shell simply makes sense. Yes, it lacks customization options and there is still polishing due, but it's undeniable that after a bit of getting used to, it doesn't get that much better in terms of productivity.

    Anyways, I am keeping my eyes open and Ubuntu 12.04 may be the first Ubuntu I use since 10.10 (cough, the days I spend with 11.04 don't count)...


    Take care

    PS: Mate, if you can please go back to the Kubuntu forum and share the solution to the volume muting problem you had, I think it would be beneficial to all.


  3. What kind of user is Unity targeting? what real (work) problems is Unity solving?

    Unfortunately Desktop Environment designers has taken a lot of decisions without listening to users, they don't ask if people want x feature they just ask if works as they expected and push it anyway.

    In my last office people just changed windows and office this year, they kept using XP and Office 2003 because they didn't want to relearn all, they just wanted to get the job done and the menus got in the way.

    When I faced the glory of plasma in KDE4 and the need to learn while my boss asked for the next document I switched, first to e17 which I like but it was a little unstable at the moment, then to LXDE which I still use because it don't get in the way when I'm working. I use KDE too but not that much and I won't recommend it anymore to new comers like I once did, my kid's friends now use LXDE ;-) (smart kids)

    Probably developers consider themselves artists working for their own pleasure but it won't harm to have a little touch with reality and test their concepts in work environments.

    BTW in KDE4 I want back the preview folders, not just one folder but those inside too, THAT was a useful feature.


  4. I recently install Ubuntu 11.10. I like some of what it has to offer.

    Something with Unity is seriously amiss: both my CPU cores are consistently 50-80%. I *really* want to like this distribution. I can't.

    I still have version 10.10 around. That version runs beautifully.

  5. I do like KDE myself, but I agree it's probably not the best option for starters. There are things I dislike about it, though.

    As for Ubuntu 10.10, I think it is the best Ubuntu Release ever.

  6. For a look at Gnome Shell done perfectly,(and beautifully), check out LinuxLex, it`s on the waiting list at Distrowatch.