Monday, November 14, 2011

A look at KDE 4.8 Dolphin 2.0

As some of you may know, one of the most exciting changes/features landing at KDE 4.8 is Dolphin 2.0. The KDE main file manager is already full of powerful features and has seen its performance heavily improved in recent releases, but sounds like the jump to version 2.0 will bring several impressive extras.

Peter Penz goes deep into details in his ARTICLE on the subject, so I very much encourage reading it in full for those interested. For a quick summary, though, here are some highlights:

  • Dolphin 2.0 will no longer use Qt's Interview Framework: "The new view-engine for Dolphin 2.0 is built on a (very) modified subset of Itemviews-NG. In the longterm (probably with Qt 5) it is planned to integrate Qt-Quick but this affects only a non-critical minor part of the view-engine and has not high priority at the moment."

    The benefits of this new approach include improved performance, unclipped filenames and more flexibility around item boundaries, which no longer have to be rectangular nor as big as they used to be.

  • Grouping enhanced: "Currently the "grouping" feature is only supported for the icons mode but will be available for all view-modes in Dolphin 2.0."

  • Animated Transitions: Probably the feature that adds less value, but the most visually evident and thus, the one that has created most noise. Here´s a preview which demonstrates this feature:

    Personally, I think it adds to the eyecandy side of things, those animations do look good, but I have no strong feelings one way or the other. It seems Peter made sure those animations wouldn´t end up becoming a bloat fest, so as long as Dolphin does not slow down, I am good.

  • Reduced complexity: "From a developers point of view the new engine simplifies the maintenance a lot and lowers the barrier for developers to contribute patches for Dolphin."

So there you have it, Dolphin 2.0 is definitely one more reason to look forward to KDE 4.8, which will go live some time in January 2012.


  1. Hi Chema,
    After all the file managers that I have used in various distros, I find dophin to be the best.
    The animations look slick and the other improvements mentioned like:speedup improvements, keyboard navigation and more, will only make it better.
    Thanks for giving us this good news.
    Take Care, brother.

  2. @Chema
    Brother my blog has made to the Ubuntu Weekly
    Thanks to you(as in my blog I have taken ques from you)and everyone in the FOSS world who has helped me who helped me understand things in such short time.
    I really have loved every moment in this beautiful FOSS universe.
    Take care.

  3. I don't the animations are only eye candy. The animations that show the files being re-arranged as the view mode is changed can be very helpful for new users. This gives them an intuitive sense of what has happened when they changed the view mode.

  4. Congrats, Mohammad, way to go! I bet your site has seen visit figures raise like crazy, huh? I love when that happens.

  5. @Chema
    Hehe, brother what you say about my site getting visitors in abundance has not happened exactly and I had gotten more visitors in the days just after posting it, when I to spread the info about it posted it in some places and have got the title of a "Spam". It was a mistake on my part. But I got the mention that is whats important to me. I showed it to my father(he isn't a tech guy) but when I translated(in hindi) what I had written on my blog and told to him, he was moved(especially by my intro . This proves just how humane FOSS is.
    Also how did you got Firefox 8 that you were mentioning to Jeff, did you add that Firefox-next PPA or something else?.

  6. Well, when it does happen and you see your site statistics through the roof, it is such a great feeling!

    As for Firefox 8, yes I have used the next PPA, but the comparison with Firefox 7 renders the same results. It is simply faster, more powerful and way more reliable than Midori.

  7. @Chema
    You are correct on that, even now when I see my blog stats and their are viewer from across the globe mainly because Ubuntu is a World phenomenon, it feels good.
    On Firefox 8, well I went over to Ubuntu-IRC yesterday and asked about why isn't the Firefox 8 being pushed for upgrade. some people suggested that there aren't any major improvements in there.
    Also I upgraded Chromium from 14 to 15 but I am feeling it was a wrong move as the new one(i think)is eating a lot of ram and I am mostly maxing 1.1gb out of the 2gb that I have when I open multiple pages and windows on browsers and stuff.
    What is your usage stats on Kubuntu while Idling and when multitasking and Is 4.7.3 crashing on your Kubuntu as it is happening more than occasionally on mine.
    Take Care

  8. Hey

    Chromium 15 works great for me, and I do appreciate its features. Having said so, I have not noticed much difference in Memory "hunger", to be honest.

    Kubuntu idle (which in my case includes Nepomuk and Akonadi active) usually stays around 0.4GB.

    I ran a quick test for multitasking, which includes: Chromium on my blog site, Firefox playing a Youtube Video, Kontact, and digikam playing a slideshow, all adding up to 1GB, which I think is good.

    Take care

  9. nice! that makes me want to go back to KDE :D

  10. Wow moving and scaling images ... WOW! Impresive!

  11. What I love about dolphin too is to be able to have a Places panel above/below a Folders panel. I also like the terminal panel. And of course that you can customize toolbar buttons... Definitely the best browser out there IMHO