Friday, November 4, 2011

Linux Mint 12 promises interesting changes!

Just wanted to quickly share a recent Linux Mint Blog ENTRY which explains some of the most relevant changes and features that will make their debut sometime late november, come Linux Mint 12. That post is very interesting (screenshot included) and I can tell you some very interesting surprises are coming!.

Want a hint? Say "GNOME Shell"...


  1. This looks very interesting indeed. It also looks like an opportunity for Mint to really distinguish themselves beyond "Ubuntu Improved."

  2. I think I'll like a 'cafeteria' style desktop. It sort of changes the WYSIWYG style distro to just 'Make it Yours'.

  3. I had a Chat with the developer of PinguyOS some months back and he said he was trying to best Linux Mint 12 to the release. He has already released the Pre-Alpha of the Gnome-Shell version. And probably will release the Mate version too.
    I personally think PinguyOS version of Gnome-Shell would be better as it would be ready all ends up.
    Lets See :-)

  4. I'll have to wait and see, but I personally think Fedora is as good as it gets when it comes to GNOME Shell... Just a few days remaining before Verne goes live!

  5. I tried Fedora 15 but just couldn't get to like it. I liked Gnome-Shell the first moment I saw it as It was a different experience but Fedora was crashing left right and center. I have tried Gnome-Shell 3.2 on Sabayon 7 and it is good. So will try Fedora 16 and see their implementation of Gnome-Shell .

  6. Interesting you would say so, as I had the exact opposite experience. On Sabayon 7, the accounts module would not work at all, freezing every time I tried to set up my gmail account. Updates worked partially, but I found it crazy that installing Firefox could take in excess of 40 minutes... That's simply not for me (not that GNOME Shell is related to that at all, though).

    On the contrary, Fedora 15 was rock solid since the Beta, never had a single crash on it.

    Amazing how different hardware can play so differently.

  7. "Amazing how different hardware can play so differently."

    It surprises me too, but my bigger reaction is concern. I often find myself reaching the opposite conclusion of a reviewer I respect. That my experience varies so wildly concerns me.

    When stable behavior is hardware-dependent it doesn't bode well for Linux's future. Never mind missing codecs or country-dependent IP which results in poor multimedia performance. I cannot recommend Linux to my family or friends unless I've vetted their hardware setup first.

    I also find Fedora 15 (and Ubuntu 2010) to be the most stable things out there. No KDE Linux I've tried were especially unstable, but I find other things to dislike.

    Keep up the great site and ignore my grumblings, please.

  8. Thanks for your comments, danny8! No need to ignore anything, keep 'em coming, different perspectives and experiences help us all!