Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fuduntu goes solo!

Quick note to both congratulate Fuduntu on its first year and to let you know that it has become independent from Fedora, as it recently forked from the Red Hat sponsored distribution (more on the official ANNOUNCEMENT). Fuduntu was already a very interesting distro, but it will be even more so now, when it will have the opportunity to fly solo.

Where will it take us in its second year? Let´s wait and see.


  1. Hi Chema,
    I have tried Fuduntu 14.11 but somehow I don't feel comfortable on a Fedora base. The updation takes a ages from the GUI, maybe I will have to read more carefully your article"Switch to Fedora painlessly" :-).
    Also Fedora 16"Verne" has just released and by all means I was waiting to test them out but one of my Seagate 1tb Hard disk on which Ubuntu 11.10 was installed has died on me(The other one is a 160gb WD on which Kubuntu 11.10 is installed). Whats funny is that the Seagate hd has just come back from replacement just a month back.
    So will be looking forward to your review of Fedora(which one will you do earlier Gnome/KDE)
    Take Care Brother.

  2. Hey!

    Fedora rocks in many ways, but it is not as user friendly as Ubuntu by a long shot. In my experience, it is also slower, which I hope is no longer the case come the improvements in Verne.

    If you are thinking of testing Fedora 16, by all means read my article, it should be of help, but I would recommend using Fedora utils instead. It should make your life way easier:


    As for which one will I review first, I don't know, really. I keep thinking of putting together an article to compare KDE 4.7 versus GNOME 3.2, under the same hardware AND distro, which Fedora 16 would be perfect for.

    Perhaps I review Fedora 16 from both a KDE and GNOME perspective based on my experience there.

    Take care, buddy

  3. Fuduntu looks pretty cool, but the repositories seem pretty light. Gthumb is missing, which seems like a huge oversight (I don't like Shotwell). Maybe if I were a bit more comfortable with RPM, I wouldn't worry about it. Too bad, because it seems like a nice default desktop, and it worked well with the wifi card on my wife's laptop (which Ubuntu and Mint can't seem to do).

  4. "Perhaps I review Fedora 16 from both a KDE and GNOME perspective based on my experience there."

    I will eagerly await :-)