Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cantarell, a new favorite font of mine

A couple days ago, I read that Sabayon had put together a very good GNOME 3.2 implementation (unfortunately, I read that from their own Sabayon 7 announcement, it actually isn't that good), which made me change my mind and give it a go before I had planned (before Fedora 16, that is).

I have to say I am impressed. GNOME 3.2 feels amazingly mature for such a young project, offering significant improvements in about every area. Having said so, several important features didn't work as expected (which I feel has more to do with Sabayon itself, to be honest), so I will not go into a detailed review until I have a chance to test Verne. I will talk about one thing that really caught my attention, though: Cantarell, the project's default font (Read more about it HERE)

In all honesty, I hadn't noticed this font much until testing GNOME 3.2, so I am not sure if it changed since the .0 release, or if font rendering has improved. Whatever it was, I am glad it happened, because Cantarell is a new favorite font of mine.

As you can see from the screenshots, Cantarell is stylish and beautiful, but most importantly, crisp and easy to read. With the help of the Faenza icon theme, it shines and helps make the GNOME desktop even prettier.

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  1. But it does not work at all for users speaking other languages... I don’t understad why the GNOME people decided to ditch a quality-made typeface (Vera) to use this amateurish font with such a bad glyph coverage.