Thursday, September 15, 2011

Support Nepomuk

Just a very quick entry to echo a message from Nepomuk's lead developer, Sebastian Trüg.  He is in a difficult situation due to the recent financial problems Mandriva has experienced and is asking for help so he can continue to make Nepomuk a reality.

The following is an excerpt from his own Blog ARTICLE:

"In the last months I have not been paid. It has been, and still is, an uncertain situation with an uncertain future in which I was still hoping that Mandriva would recover from their financial problems. But slowly hope and savings are running low.

Since I see a golden future for the semantic desktop in general and Nepomuk in particular I would prefer to continue working on it instead of choosing some other unrelated job. There was great progress in Nepomuk in the last months, the community grows, and the system design is nearly matured. My departing from the project would essentially stop the development since I am still the only one working full-time on Nepomuk and having a deep knowledge of every part of the system.

Thus, if you think the semantic desktop is worth the effort, if you are interested in feature like semantic desktop search, sharing of relations between people, projects, events, files, emails, if you want the Semantic Save come to life, if you want Plasma Active to distance itself from the rest through powerful features exposed in Contour, if you want to browse files independent of physical folders, if you want to save snippets of web pages, pdfs, images, and others, annotate and tag them, if you want the system to adopt to contextual changes and previous usage patterns, if you want to organize your work the way your brain works then please support my work on Nepomuk."

So yeah, if you love Nepomuk and want to see it mature further, please help Sebastian.  If you are not interested in this project or cannot offer financial help, please speak up and pass on the message.  The more people aware of this, the better!


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  1. Honestly I think this project should just be dropped. According to Wikipedia the EU dropped over $15 million dollars on this project, no wonder they are having such a financial crisis if they are investing in this sort of thing.

    Web platforms are going to win in this space, my advice would be that he should go find another job...