Monday, September 5, 2011

Introducing The amazing GPS (Gimp Paint Studio)

It would be hard to find a Linux user who´s never heard of GIMP, the incredibly powerful GNU Image Manipulation Program. Unfortunately, GPS (Gimp Paint Studio) may not be known to that many people, but it certainly deserves to be, and users deserve to know about it.


From the GPS site:

"GPS is a collection of brushes and accompanying tool presets. Tool presets are a simply saved tool options, highly useful feature of the GIMP.

The goal of GPS is to provide an adequate working environment for graphic designers and artists to begin to paint and feel comfortable with GIMP from their first use. Later the user will change these settings based on his own workflow preferences and understanding of GIMP."

...Alright, clear as mud? There really is nothing like seeing it in action, so here is a great video displaying what GPS 1.5 is capable of:

Quite impressive stuff, I must say.

I want to use the opportunity to congratulate fellow Spaniard Ramon Miranda for the amazing work he´s put on GPS.



  2. I don't get it; is it a collection of brushes and gradients? Is it a separate application or is it a set of plugins for Gimp? It isn't installable on Debian with aptitude.

    The video doesn't have anything to "see in action", just some overview which is useful to 'sell' the upgrade to existing users, but nothing by way of explanation for new users on how its used (oh unless perhaps if we sign up for proprietary, privacy-erasing Facebook).

    Looks like some fantastic options and software, just not a clean message as to what it is or why I might need it.

  3. He does have some other videos on youtube showing him in action...

  4. I've added this to both the 32 and 64 bit repos and it is a really nice addition to Gimp.