Thursday, September 29, 2011

GNOME 3.2 Released, tons of new features!

Just a very quick entry to let you all know that GNOME 3.2 is already available. It incorporates lots of new and awesome features that I will be testing when Fedora 16 final is out (don´t want to spoil the fun by forcing an installation on top of a distro release that may not be fully ready for this latest release). While we wait for Verne, though, it is a good idea to see what will be available for all GNOME 3.2 users.

The GNOME team have done a great job summarizing those features and enhancements, so please visit their Release Notes PAGE.

I already liked GNOME 3 and GNOME Shell under Fedora 15 (although I admit it took a little bit of effort to adjust to it), but with these great features I see GNOME as a truly great product (assuming they work as expected, of course). I do feel it has more than enough to satisfy any kind of user... Unless they are into heavy eye candy customization, that is.


  1. I have yet to experiment with Gnome 3, but am thinking about giving it a try. Any distro suggestions? I really enjoyed the KDE distro comparison and would enjoy a similar one for Gnome 3!

  2. I think Fedora is your safest bet, in my opinion. Release 15 already felt mature being the first GNOME3 release ever... Fedora 16 should rock hard!

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