Monday, August 22, 2011

King of KDistros - UPDATE

Hey, quick update on this one:

I am struggling a bit to get all distros together. On the one hand, I wanted to test Milestone 4 from OpenSUSE´s upcoming 12.1, but it´s been delayed. On the other hand, Mandriva 2011 will be out in a few days, so I want to wait until the final production release is out. Finally, I downloaded the recently released Chakra 2011.04-r2, but I can´t install it (I managed to build the LiveUSB following the website instructions and even got the greeting load menu, but it won´t get past there!). Fortunately, I have Kubuntu 11.04 and PCLinuxOS 2011.6 successfully installed and already tested, with Pardus 2011.1 currently in the works.

I am aiming towards an early september completion for this article (hopefully!), sorry for the wait!


  1. Re: Chakra Live USB I change the extension .iso to .img and I use Imagewriter. It works..

  2. Thanks for the tip, I will try that!

  3. Hi Chema! I found your blog through the fact, that you and i have the hp dc7800 and are both linux enthusiasts. As i see from your blog on different levels of experience, though :-)
    Have you ever had problems with your onboard-NIC (82566DM-2)?
    i dont want to bother you with this (realising that this could become some kind of support request :-).
    My NIC plays dead in both win7 and mint11 except for the win-driver possibility to test the connection. then it complains about poor link/cable quality on a known god port/cable. I know this has little to do with linux itself, but i am desperate now and just give it at try with someone who seem to share a lot of common interrest. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks

  4. Sorry for the missplaced post!

  5. Hi David,

    No worries, I can share my experience, but I don't think it will help you much.

    I personally have never used the onboard NIC, as my computer is far from the access point and using a long cable was not an option. As a result, I did a bit of research and bought a good PCI draft N wireless card, and I could not be happier. That card was somewhat difficult to configure on Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10, but come Ubuntu 9.04, it's always been a breeze.

    As I said, I have not used the onboard NIC, but since you are talking about an ethernet card, I am terribly surprised, as I have never seen those failing under Linux (well, maybe I have, but many years ago).

    The fact that it fails under Windows as well makes me wonder if the card itself works at all... Have you tried recovering the original WinXP (I presume) installation with the HP provided DVD and checking if it works?

    Sorry I can't offer more help.

  6. I can officially say now that I tried all available methods to create a LiveUSB with Chakra and have failed miserably. When I read the first comment in this thread, I thought that was something I had not tried, but it was actually the first thing I tried, following Chakra's Wiki.

    I have now downloaded the ISO a second time and again tried both Imagewriter and dd, not getting anywhere with it, so I decided to move to a different distro.

    Since Fedora 16 Alpha is now out with KDE4.7, GRUB2, and a number of other interesting new features, I have decided that it will take Chakra's place in the comparison.

  7. Thanks for the answer to the NIC-matter! I verry much appreciated it. I neither tried to restore with the original DVD nor am i able to do so. But i spend quite some time on the hp-service-site and tried differend drivers. All without further progress of any kind. Now i found an old 3Com-NIC wich i can use as a workaround. Thanks again, David

  8. Seems like I keep opening my mouth way before I should. I tried to install Fedora 16 Alpha, but failed miserably after three attempts. Looking at the Fedora Forums, it seems I am not alone (


  9. Alright, problem solved. I installed and am testing Fedora 15, so that closes the distro selection. It will differ a bit from the original 4 selection, but perhaps work out better. Here's the final list:

    OpenSUSE, Kubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS and Pardus.

    Which one will come out as the reigning KDE Champion? Expect the answer early September.

  10. Hey Chema!

    You should give Simply Mepis a spin. Really good Debian based KDE distro. User friendly, rock solid and have 30 000 packages in there repos. Codesc, flash and drivers are preinstalled.