Sunday, April 17, 2011

POLL Results: Firefox still Linux Browser King

In an ARTICLE I wrote not long ago, I spoke about the recently released Firefox 4.0 and highlighted some of its new features. I also put together a poll to find out how the Mozilla browser compares to Google Chrome/Chromium in the mind of other users. My idea was to give a bit of context based on my own experience to spark discussion, but also to narrow down the comparison to certain specific criteria, as both browsers are so powerful and feature rich that things could get too dense... or downright "philosophical"!

Click on image to enlarge.

Looking at the poll results above, it seems Google Chrome/Chromium is becoming a force to be reckoned with, for more than 30% of those who voted in this poll claim to use it as their main and favorite Internet browser. That was the case for me for a while, but since Firefox 4.0 has improved a lot on this last release, it has gone back to the number one spot again. It seems many others think alike, because Firefox leads with 62% of the votes.

The big question here is whether Firefox 4.0 is recovering some of its user base and gaining new fans again or if, on the contrary, Chrome/ium continues to increase its user community. In my opinion, the new fast development pace that Mozilla is adopting, with plans to release Firefox 5.0 in about two months, will have a lot to say there.


  1. All browsers are accelerating it's development, even Internet Explorer and Epiphany.

    The advantage of Firefox is customization. Speed is less important in that scenario.

    In fact I use Opera, Firefox and Iron in Linux and Windows. And I suspect that more people are using at least 2 browsers. There is no a clear winner yet and some are better suited for certain task than others.

  2. @Ontobelli: I have used two or more browsers myself at times, but it is a pain. It would be convenient if you could share bookmarks, settings, themes among them, but that is plain science-fiction. As a result, I want one browser I can synch across my PCs and not have to worry about anything else. In Linux terms, that's Firefox for me.