Thursday, April 21, 2011

Play Angry Animals (offline) on Linux

Angry Animals, a clone of the hugely popular Angry Birds game, is a FLASHNINJACLAN online game built with Flash. Obviously, online games are convenient in that they only depend on compatible Web browsers... But how about playing when you are offline? Or maybe play without those awful banners getting in the way?


As a Flash game, Angry Animals can be played offline with two main ingredients: The Flash Player and the Angry Animals SWF, both of which must be stored locally. This is somewhat simple if one knows where to get each of those elements, but for those not comfortable with the process or firing commands from a terminal, or perhaps too lazy to even try, Zarko Zivanov created a script that automates the whole thing.

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Zivanov's script essentially runs a simple dependency check, then quits if one of the dependencies (namely wget, tar, convert) is missing, asking the user to install them manually. If all dependencies are satisfied, it downloads the required components and creates a desktop launcher.

I liked the idea behind his script, but thought it could be enhanced with a GUI and adding some more automation and flexibility. I decided to pick up where he left it and put together a script that does the following:

1.- Offer a graphical interface for the script. After all, lots of people get easily scared by the command line.
2.- Check dependencies and automatically install whatever is missing. The script will find what is missing and automatically install it as part of the Angry Animals configuration process.
3.- Customizable launcher location. Zivanov's script had a fixed location to create the launcher: The desktop. While this is a logical place for a launcher, it relied on a path (~/Desktop) that is only good for installations in English. As a result, I decided to offer the user the option of choosing where the launcher should be created.


So? Wanna play? If you want to easily get Angry Animals running locally on your PC, using the script I created is an quick and convenient way to do it. Here's what you should do to get it to work:

1.- Download my script from HERE.
2.- Save it locally and review the code to make sure it's safe (I know it is, but this is something you should always do with any script to guarantee the safety and privacy of your data)
3.- Make the script executable using a method you are comfortable with.
4.- Double-click on the script and you will be playing in a matter of seconds!

Here are a few screenshots which show the script in action:

Click on image to enlarge.

Once installation is done, the final step is to select where to create the game launcher.

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Voila!... Just double click on the launcher and go Angry Animal!

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NOTE: While relies on apt-get and zenity, it should be quite easy to adjust it to any other package manager or dialog app so that it runs on KDE or even other distros.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the script! and it works on Debian 6 too!

    But why does it download the flash player again, when I have already installed it?

  2. Thanks!

    Well, the script downloads the standalone flash player, not to be confused with the flash Internet browser plugin. In any case, the script currently does not check whether Flash (or the AngryAnimals SWF, for that matter) was already downloaded or not, it simply overwrites whatever was there previously.

  3. don't get me wrong.. these games last for few days.. now i want to uninstall it.. how can i uninstall it..

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