Monday, February 14, 2011

Canonical provides Ubuntu-supported hardware list

Just a brief entry to share with you a very interesting initiative by Canonical. The company recently released a list of supported hardware, or as they put it, a list of components which Canonical and hardware providers certify for Ubuntu.

In my opinion, this is a much needed reference for anybody interested in Ubuntu, from manufacturers to home users. Anybody can now review the list and find components that should ensure smooth performance, even without trying Ubuntu first (I still recommend using the LiveCD/LiveUSB features before installing in order to confirm that all hardware is supported and working correctly, though).

So there you go, make sure you bookmark this COMPONENT CATALOG so you can take a quick look before you buy your next computer or peripheral.


  1. HI Chema sounds good any chance at some point looking in to graphics card display in linux as a me this very important area lets linux down and its not a linux need proper graphics display for livestream video feed not the amerterish graphics driver support some card manufacturers give.

  2. @sunrise54321: I think there are lots of initiatives to help with that area, but unfortunately they are user supported for the most part. In other words, inconsistent and all too often obsolete.

    I think this site is a good place to start from, lots of useful links.