Friday, January 21, 2011

Tux Planet, an awesome source for Linux wallpapers

I recently stumbled with this great French site, which contains some of the most amazing Linux wallpapers I have found. Many Linux distributions are featured, including the usual suspects, like Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora, but also some other distros that are perhaps not as popular yet, such as CrunchBang or Pardus.

I personally found some of the Ubuntu backgrounds particularly good looking, but there is interesting stuff for everyone, really. Another great thing is that the wallpapers uploaded are ridiculously good in quality. Picture resolution is usually off the charts, so even huge or even dual screen setup users should find something interesting.

Now, stop reading and go get those amazing LINUX WALLPAPERS!


  1. With respect to Pardus as you mentioned it now.
    Could you take a look on the new amazing release and make a review? Im not a KDE user but if I were I think I would use Pardus.
    And I know you like KDE.
    So, if you have time I would appreciate to share the experience about the new Pardus release, I tested it and its really amazing.

  2. Hey, David, thanks for your comments!

    I have downloaded it and I am in the process of trying it, but without luck so far. I get it to start for the installation to take place, but it doesn't boot once it is installed. It stays on the Plymouth screen forever, not sure what's going on...

    Anyways,I was planning to write a review already, so expect it any day now.


  3. Thanks for your reply.
    Strange, your issue, I havent got any problem to boot after install.
    Hope you will get it to work and expecting a cool review like always. :)

  4. Great Share... I usually use deviantart for wallpapers but if you want some more "system" walls then great place ;)