Sunday, January 2, 2011

Save The GIMP!

I recently learned that the fabulous GNU Image Manipulation Program is developed and maintained but only three main hackers!!!... There used to be another developer, but he's no longer available. To think that such an open source flagship is kept alive by so few people should help understand why the much anticipated single screen GIMP 2.8 has been delayed again.

From here I would like to ask you to help this project in whichever way you can. Spread the word, donate or offer your help as a developer. Whatever you do is certainly going to make a difference, so go for it! Remember that GIMP is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS, so don't limit your efforts to the Linux/GNU community.

The GIMP HOME SITE Includes lots of information about this great application, but I also recommend checking some of the many GIMP example and tutorial videos available in YOUTUBE.

Should you want to donate, they support a number of methods, all of which are presented HERE.

Start the new year giving this awesome project a hand!


  1. It's sad that multi-billionaires waste time re-inventing the wheel, needlessly confusing their desktop users.
    Yet flagship OSS like this get little to no help.

    Did I say billionaires?

  2. Just donated $6.66

  3. I have one more suggestion: it's for GNU/Linux OS developers: include Gimp in your OS's next big release. Ubuntu dropped the ball for not including Gimp since version 10.4. But Linux Mint did.