Monday, January 10, 2011

Chrome OS: Friend or Foe? (POLL results)

I recently published an ARTICLE about the soon to be released Google Chrome OS. On that article I discussed how I see Google Chrome OS in a great position to take the world by storm, relegating the "Is Linux ready to take over the desktop OS arena?" debate to a thing of the past.

Having said so, and certainly acknowledging the many good things it may bring back to Linux and its community, Google Chrome OS has been surrounded by some controversy lately. Such controversy was not only caused by the revolutionary cloud-based concept it is pushing forward, but also because there are question marks around the limitations in functionality and privacy it may bring with it. As a result, I wanted to get a feel of what others think on this matter, so I quickly put together a poll. Here are the results:

Click on image to enlarge.

Looking at these results, there is no clear tendency, but it seems Google Chrome OS didn't convince the Linux community. Most votes lean towards a negative impression, or even worse, lack of understanding or plain indifference.

I personally think such negativity is mostly caused by the drastic changes the Google Chrome OS model is proposing. After all, change is never easy and always faced with resistance. However, after using Google Chrome OS Web Store for some weeks now and witnessing what many of its apps are capable of, I must admit it is an attractive model indeed, one that I am sure will shake the foundations of what we understand as desktop computing today.

Thanks for reading and specially to all of you who voted!


  1. The choices are 5 out 6 negative. I don't think the choices capture the full spectrum of sentiments. Your were better off having just two or three choices. Good, Neither, and Bad.

  2. I will wait and see.
    Even the worst experience in life has something for us..
    The change is something that adult cannot bear.
    The young will take it with both hands like the SMS.
    We will have to take it with a pinch of salt or may be like twitter at large