Tuesday, October 19, 2010

KDE versus GNOME

Open source software is intended, among many other things, as a means to not restrict freedom. Freedom to change, tweak, use, copy and distribute at will. This freedom is a great concept in my opinion, but it naturally brings an unexpected side effect with it: WAR!! (...Alright, alright, that's way too dramatic, must have been watching Fox News way too much lately.)

Jokes aside, there are lots of battles inside the community. Which packaging system is best, which Linux distro is faster, which audio player, video player, boot process, splash screen... You name a category and there surely will be arguments about which solution is best.

One of the most popular (and passionate) "battles" out there is the one about which desktop manager is best for Linux, which often naturally gravitates to the two most popular options, KDE and GNOME. I have been using both for a while, so I want to put together an article comparing both in detail as they stand today, KDE SC 4.5.2 versus GNOME 2.32.0.

Before I do that, though, I'd like to get a feel for what YOU think, so I created a new poll. Please vote from the applet at the top right of this page.

NOTE: I know there are many other window managers out there and some may feel I should have added more options to the poll. Once again, this is just to get a feel for what people think of KDE and GNOME today.



  1. Since you are a fan of both PCLinuxOS and desktop Eye-candy, could you review PCLinuxOS Enlightenment 2010 please?


  2. Hey, Irfan

    At the moment there are some other upcoming distro releases that I find more interesting. PCLinuxOS will put together a new release by April(ish) next year. I will make sure I review the enlightenment version as well as KDE.


  3. Thanks a lot, Chema.

    I also have the following further review requests subject to their future releases:

    1. Mint Xfce
    2. Unite17
    3. Pinguy E17
    4. Crunchbang Statler


  4. Hi Chema,

    You may remove/exclude Unite17 from the above list.

    Thank you,

  5. Another distro review request:

    Aptosid 2010-2

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Chema,

    Sorry about the mess of these redundant comments/requests i made after your reply. you may delete these all.