Thursday, October 7, 2010

KDE SC 4.5.2 released

Just two days ago the guys at KDE released the latest monthly update to the KDE SC 4.5.x series. As usual, KDE SC 4.5.2 is mostly a bugfix release, but this time around it includes some neat enhancements. Here is a list of highlights (from KDE.ORG):

4.5.2 brings a number of improvements:

- KSharedDataCache, the new performance tool has seen scalability and performance improvements.
- Performance of loading icons has been improved by better use of the new shared data cache.
- The display of tooltips in Dolphin has been fixed in certain cases where it would display outdated previews.
- KWin and especially its compositing manager has seen some optimizations and bugfixes for specific filters.

Click on image to enlarge.

You can further read about these and other enhancements and bugfixes from the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT and the (almost) complete CHANGE LOG for this release.

As a PCLinuxOS user I got these updates even before the release announcement went live (now, ain´t that sweet). If you are using KDE SC 4.5 series I very much encourage you to update to 4.5.2. It should bring stability and performance without any impact otherwise.

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  1. Hi Chema,

    I agree - updated PCLinuxOS KDE to 4.5.2 with no negative impacts on my Thinkpad X61T.

  2. Hi Chema

    Could you post what icons set and them you use on your current PCLinuxOS setup please

  3. Sure!

    Icon theme is Oxygen, but I customize icons like crazy. I simply save icons I like from here and there and apply them to the apps I like. In other words, what you are seeing on the panel is not coming from any icon theme.

    As for plasma desktop, the theme name is "G-Remix".


  4. I think you have done a great job customising PCLinuxOS you should produce your own remix and post it on PCLinuxOS forum!

  5. Thank you!

    You mean creating LiveCD out of my current setup? I have never done it before, so any guidelines are welcome.

    On a different note, I have to say that I requested my PCLinuxOS forum account long ago and I think I was not accepted, because I never got any confirmation back.

  6. I have never done this myself but this instructions look very straight forward:,74418.0.html

  7. Thanks!

    I read those instructions and yes, it does look easy. Having said so, my customization is merely cosmetic, so not sure it's worth uploading such a big iso file just for that.

    Here's a list of the changes I have put together:

    1.- Classic Menu layout with each entry item renamed (I think the menu looks better if titles are longer, so the menu ends up being a bit wider).

    2.- ttf-droid 8 size fonts by default.

    3.- Emerald window borders.

    4.- Compiz compositing, pretty standard effects.

    5.- Pry folder set for folders (find it here:

    6.- My own favorite icons (which I extracted from several different icon themes) applied to my top used applications.

    7.- Wallpapers from

    I think that's about it