Friday, October 1, 2010

KDE Insights: Past, Present and Future

The guys at the German site IKHAYA have done a great job putting together a very interesting interview with one of the inner minds at KDE, Aaron Seigo.

I found these articles particularly interesting because one rarely finds pieces of information so insightful about a particular technology, specially if they come from the masterminds behind the project.

As the title says, Aaron goes on to discuss the past, present and future of KDE, covering lots of ground in the process. Some concepts that Aaron covers include:

- Evolution from KDE 3.X to 4.X.
- Plasma desktop.
- KDE mobile technologies.
- Social desktop.
- Kontact and Akhonadi.

I very much recommend reading this interview. Even if you are an experienced KDE user, I believe you will find something new and interesting here. The interview is split in two parts:



Happy reading!

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