Sunday, September 19, 2010

VMWARE to acquire SUSE Linux?

SUSE (and OpenSUSE) Linux fans may have a reason or two of concern. Recent news raised speculation around a potential buyout from VMWARE. When an operation like this happens, it usually is concerning for us OpenSource fans, for it is difficult to foresee what will really happen with the software we use and love.

Will SUSE still receive enough support to continue to excel among Linux distros? Will it undergo a major reorganization and lose its edge? How will the community project OpenSUSE continue if that happened? All difficult to answer questions for now, I am afraid.

Read the brief news from the following LINK.

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  1. Hi, i tried opensuse and was impressed with the install polished.i guess we will have to wait and see what happens regards the potential buy out, the other day i was talking to a computer technician. we both agreed that if linux had software that if you just was able to press next next install for instead of having to write info for some software to install then windows would have an awesome could be done. some people talk about the windows mind set but there is all so a linux mind set.