Sunday, September 5, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Your favorite Ubuntu so far?

Hot off the oven, here are the poll results! This time around, I was trying to find out if there are specific Ubuntu releases that have done a particularly outstanding job or if there is steady evolution and improvement. The results clearly point to the latter.

It seems (as I expected) that Ubuntu 8.04 was indeed a very good release. I had often read in forums that many people had stuck with it for years, and I thought there had to be more about it than just the fact it was a long term support release. I believe that 2008 was also a turning point for Ubuntu, perhaps a year when adoption rates were particularly high, which would also explain why so many people consider this specific release so good (there is a saying in my country, "that who hits first, hits twice"). Here is the votes count.

VersionReleased onCodenameVotes
Ubuntu 10.04April 2010Lucid Lynx128
Ubuntu 9.10October 2009Karmic Koala36
Ubuntu 9.04April 2009Jaunty Jackalope16
Ubuntu 8.10October 2008Intrepid Ibex14
Ubuntu 8.04April 2008Hardy Heron18
Previous ReleasesOctober 2004-2007Several8

Ubuntu 8.04 aside, though, it is clear Ubuntu shows continuous user acceptance growth with each of the last releases. In fact, the last release, Ubuntu 10.04, gets more votes than all other releases combined.

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This is good news and I believe it proves that all the negative comments each release gets when it comes out are mostly related to isolated personal issues. That doesn't necessarily mean that each release is better in every aspect than its predecessor, but I think there is an underlying evolution that is undeniable.

As I pointed out on my recent PREVIEW, Ubuntu 10.10 aims high, and I believe it's well positioned to be the best Ubuntu release to date. Let the evolution continue!

Thanks for reading. Special thanks to those who voted in this poll.


  1. Hi,
    This is ram,I need help to install ubuntu 10.04.

    Currently, I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 in my Desktop. (Desktop doesn't have any other OS installed)

    GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0)

    this is what the message I got when I booted the installable (Ubuntu 10.04 in a CD).

    How can this be rectified and continue a clean installation.


  2. Hi, Ram,

    Are you trying to upgrade your current 8.04 installation? If that is the case, I would recommend you try the opposite, a clean installation, for a number of reasons.

    1.- The upgrade process is terribly tricky and very much prone to errors.
    2.- Not all the functionality that comes with Ubuntu 10.04 can actually be part of the new installation if you upgrade. Some pieces, such as GRUB remain untouched for obvious reasons.

    Once again, I would recommend a clean install, very much encouraging you to very carefully review your data and complete a proper backup (might as well even clone your computer with some of the available tools out there, so you can easily go back to exactly the same setup you have in case you don't get what you want from Ubuntu 10.04).

    In case you want to stick to the upgrade approach, I would recommend visiting the Ubuntu forums and asking for help. I haven't personally completed any upgrade, so I can't really help you there.

    Good Luck.

  3. na.. I'm trying for clean installation.. it worked fine with the pc that had windows xp.. cud easily install 10.04.. since i have 8.04 in the system where i'm trying to install is giving the problem.

  4. Hmmm... That's very strange. If you boot from the LiveCD, it couldn't really care less what OS is installed in the machine, that should be completely transparent. In fact, if you choose to wipe out the existing partition installation and use it entirely for Ubuntu 10.04, it would get rid of everything that's in there?

    If you are using a LiveCD, I would double check the MD5 sum, just in case the ISO image got corrupt somehow. If it isn't make sure you burn it on a CD-R at the slowest speed, to ensure best results.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi,i like your posts you no what would really make linux attractive to us people who just want everything to work just fine out of the box 99% per cent.easy to install upgrades like you could put in a windows based driver mother board cd and it would install just fine and if that software is all ready available make it clear to us none of this you put in plus...-. stuff only fit for einstein. i like ubuntu and am confident with it.

  6. @sunrise54321: Thanks! Glad that you appreciate my approach at Linux.

  7. GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0) is a known bug. Try booting in "compatibility mode" and/or hitting Esc F6 when you see the message to exit boot splash. After I installed to HDD the warning appears at boot but does not cause further errors.

  8. Trying a totally clean install of 10.10 from a checksummed cd

    Also have "failed due to unknown user id (0) "

    So I can't tell you if 10.10 is good or not
    I am glad i have been using 10.04 for a while and I really like it otherwise i would be very p'ed off with ubuntu

    I console myself with the fact that 10.04 will be supported for years and is working really well

  9. If 10.04 is working that well for you there may not be much of a reason to change at this point. I tend to use the distro that works best with the particular machine being installed to. Amongst myself and family that I install for there is PCLOS-2010, PeppermintOS, Linux-Mint, Ubuntu 10.10, and Puppy Linux. For various reasons each distro plays best with the machine they're installed on based on my testing. In the end they're all Linux after all.

  10. I am currently-- and going to be forced, as it seems now, to stay with 8.04 until this laptop dies the final time. When Ubuntu decided (rightfully imho) to go with OSS only? ATI also decided to put my little vid card into legacy mode. This killed any upgrade route for me.

    (Decision: NO more ATI graphics for me in the future. NEVER EVER EVER again.)

    Now, I am running into the expected wall where I need to have the 3d acceleration, GLIBC 2.8 is needed, but unable to install it into this laptop. IF I upgrade to the current release (As of now 10.10) I lose 3d that is needed, if I stya with 3d of 8.04, I cannot run the program. :/ Nice catch 22.

    UNLESS-- someone has any brilliant ideas? I realize I am not the brightest bulb in the box, but I am smart enough to ask. ;)

  11. Dash, Have you tried running 10.04 or 10.10 on the older kernel? e.g. install 10.04 then install the retro kernel to choose at grub menu. Otherwise might need to compile a custom kernel for your machine.