Monday, September 27, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Best Browser for Linux


Now that the "Best Internet Browser for Linux" Poll is over, one of the clearest conclusions is that Mozilla's Firefox is still regarded highest by most Linux users. This was a pleasant surprise, for I thought most would blindly switch to the "only-speed-matters" alternatives. In fact, I think this is good news for the fox because it is still receiving important user support, even during a phase when it has been significantly behind on important areas, such as process independence and speed and overall responsiveness. Considering the enhancements that are in store for Firefox 4, it should only get better from here.

Internet BrowserVotes
Mozilla Firefox128
Google Chrome49
IE through WINE4

Following Firefox from a long distance is Google Chrome. This young browser is growing up very fast, but still lacking in certain areas, such as security and overall stability. Opera makes it to a surprising (at least to me) third position. It seems version 10 and its subsequent updates have made an impact on Linux users. Chromium follows closely, apparently not getting the same amount of love as its Google cousin.

From that point on, the rest are options with minimal support, SeaMonkey and Swiftfox both gathering 6 votes while Epiphany and Internet Explorer through WINE get 4 votes each. I have to say I am surprised that IE got any votes at all. It is slow and reportedly not secure, and I think that can only get worse through WINE, but still some people appreciate it.

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Konqueror comes last with just three votes. I know many consider Konqueror a favorite, specially as a file browser, but I think it is about time it disappears. Dolphin has taken over as the default file browser and while some might find it useful to keep Konqueror as well, I just think it is confusing. In my opinion, Konqueror should not be part of the default KDE installation, but available from the repositories for anybody who wants to install it.

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  1. I challenge your assertion that {Chromium|Chrome} is less secure than Firefox. In addition, I'll flat out call you a liar on the stability part, since switching to Chromium, I have never had it crash, which is a very marked contrast to my experience with Firefox.

  2. If you add Chrome and Chromium results you get a better picture of the popularity results as Chrome and Chromium are becoming more popular by the minute with Firehog's bloat.

  3. I agree. I've been using Chromium's stable branch for a long time. It is stable and much snappier than Firefox. Too bad no one mentioned Midori which is coming along well these days.

  4. hehehe... Someone's taking this a bit too seriously?

    I am no liar, just telling my experience. Chromium/Chrome are still not where firefox is in terms of stability. I had crashes very frequently with both, even when working with Google's own sites, like this blogspot one. That's not to mention gnome-look or kde-look, which crashed pretty much every time I browsed them (although I have to say that is no longer the case). Anyways, on the bright side, crashes in both Chrome and Chromium have less impact, because of process isolation, but Firefox has incorporated that technology lately.

    As for security, it's been demonstrated that the incredibly quick javascript engine they use is so fast at the expense of security. It's not something terribly wrong, but it's there.

    Anyways, I am glad you guys like Chromium/Chrome. I simply presented the results here that come from 200+ voters, who clearly stick to Firefox for now.

  5. After many tweaks to Firefox, removing "plugin-container", and disabling Pango it is now using the same RAM as chromium & just as fast on a low spec system. Will have to watch dev of Midori eh?