Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ubuntu theme updates coming for Maverick!

Canonical has continued evolving the Ubuntu themes that made it to release 10.04, codenamed Lucid Lynx. In a BLOG ENTRY by Otto Greenslade, we can start to see some of the updates that will go into the new release for October, Ubuntu 10.10 Maveric Meerkat.

The last Ambience updates look incredible!

The blog entry is very interesting and covers in detail some of the changes that have taken place so far, as well as the rationale behind them. Personally, I am glad they noticed some areas that I thought needed more work. The result is very promising and I now find these themes VERY appealing!

I am particularly interested in the fonts, which look like the new Ubuntu branding theme ones. In addition, they seem to be concentrating now in the creation of a new Ubuntu icon theme, which should see the light in about a year. I think that is well overdue, something I have missed myself in the last few releases. The guys are doing a great job at improving Ubuntu's Look&Feel, and that is precisely causing the standard icon theme to stand out as a poor piece in the puzzle.

All in all, I believe these new themes, fonts and a new improved icon theme will make Ubuntu look as good as it deserves!

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