Friday, July 2, 2010

POLL: Best 2010 Linux distro release?

We already got past the first half of 2010 and we have seen many great releases from all kinds of distros in the last few months. I have reviewed several of them and I am sure you have probably tested some as well. While some important releases like Mandriva 2010.1 and OpenSUSE 11.3 are still in the works, we already have an idea of what they will look like based on their release candidates, so it is time for you to make up your mind and decide which one was the best in your opinion.

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NOTE: I obviously cannot include every Linux distro here, but I will try to get the most popular ones!


  1. I like the PCLinuxOS distro's. Some of the art work is amazing. The problem I have is that I always run into little hickup's with them if I use them day to day. Fedora, like, every other release, has major hickups. I rarely have hickups with Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

    And this little bugs, don't take me long to find. For example, PCLinuxOS 2010.2 KDE, tried to get the Chromium Browser and I get a repo error. It is just these little hickups all over that are an issue. Sure, I can fix it all, but the think it should be moved up to a EXPERT Only status.

  2. @Trent: I agree that all distros have their share of minor issues. PCLinuxOS is particularly stable in my opinion, but I have to agree that there are some things about it I would fix.

    My main thing with PCLinuxOS is the network manager, which is not very good in automatically connecting to different networks or reconnecting is the network goes down temporarily. I think it requires quite some manual interaction, which is simply not required with the GNOME network applet used in Ubuntu or with WICD.

    PCLinuxOS excels in pretty much any other area in my book, though, and I would definitely not consider it an expert distro. In any case, please do report your problem with Chromium download to the PCLinuxOS community. I am sure they will fix it straightaway and you will be helping others with a potentially similar problem!