Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KDE SC 4.5 Release Candidate 3 is out!

Codenamed "Canny", the third and last release candidate for KDE SC 4.5 is now out, available for testing. Version 4.5 of the great KDE software compilation is raising expectations both because of an impressive list of new features and also because of the great results obtained with the current 4.4.x series.

As is the case with any other ambitious software project like this one, a big effort is required to make KDE SC 4.5 stable and bug free from the moment it is released. The best way to ensure that happens is through good testing and bug reporting, which, in this case, can only be achieved with the help of the community.

Unfortunately, as you can see from a post in the official KDE.org BLOG, there are still some things not working as expected, which probably means they need more help on the testing and bug reporting side.

If you want to give them a hand and get involved in this amazing project, follow the instructions in the official ANNOUNCEMENT to download the binaries and install them. Should you find any bugs, report them at the KDE Bug Reporting PORTAL.


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