Thursday, June 10, 2010

GnoMenu: A nice new menu for Gnome

I have recently tried the GnoMenu application, which provides a new and different menu to the Gnome desktop manager. It has plenty of options available, so you can customize almost about any aspect to your liking. GnoMenu personally reminds me of the KDE menu a little bit.

The favorites tab includes any application of your choice

The menu default configuration includes seven tabs, five on the left and two on the bottom. On the left we see:

Web shortcuts

On the bottom:

Recently opened documents
Recently used applications

The applications menu feels similar to the KDE Menu.

The applications menu reminds me to the KDE one in that subcategories are displayed on the same menu, as opposed to displaying submenus for each of them. If you want a certain application to be added to the Favorites section, simply right click on it and add it.

The computer section.

I personally like the menu looks quite a bit. In all honesty, it feels a bit slow, but nothing too serious.

Shutdown, restart, etc.

If you want to use GnoMenu, all you have to do is follow the installation instructions in HERE. Once installed, simply follow the usual steps to add widgets and choose the GnoMenu one.


  1. What's the icon set is used in these screenshots?

  2. @tomas: That's hydroxigen on the desktop, but it's completely custom for Cairo Dock and GnoMenu has its own iconset, with several options to choose from.