Thursday, April 15, 2010

A couple more screenshots

Alright, mid April feels like as good a time as any to share a couple screenshots from my desktops. Both of them belong to Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala installations:

A nice modern sleek look with shiny black panel and menus

I usually like to set up my desktops as clean as possible. In order to do so, I try to keep a balance between the desktop wallpaper and the icons on top. If the background is a busy picture, I try to keep it simple with icons, keeping their number to a handful. I also try to choose icons which stand out, mostly trying to find nice contrasts in colors. The screenshot above is a nice example of such balance.

A nice look at nature that feels fresh and relaxing

Once again, the screenshot above shows that balance I was talking about before. The background is busy already, so I kept it clean and grouped icons at the bottom, where they can stand out a bit more. The Magog White icon theme fits perfectly on the top panel.



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  2. Looks good, I like to keep my desktop nice and clean as well. Where can I download the bottom wallpaper?