Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DeVeDe Completely ROCKS!!!

DeVeDe is an awesome application which allows you to convert downloaded video formats (DIVX, MP4, etc) into an ISO image that you can burn to a CD or DVD, which you will of course be able to play on any standard DVD player.

Actually, that´s just scratching the surface, for DeVeDe will actually do lots more. For example, it allows you to add files to your project, such as subtitle tracks you may have downloaded along with a movie. It also creates chapters, so you can jump straight into whatever part you want to watch.

DeVeDe is in the repositories, To install it in Ubuntu do as follows:

sudo apt-get install devede

Or install it from your favorite GUI package manager. DeVeDe will now appear as another menu item under Applications > Sound and Video.

Please also visit the home page for this application HERE.


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