Saturday, January 16, 2010

Backup your Ubuntu!

So you have spent some time setting up your Ubuntu Karmic, or even spent months or years working on your machine and don't know what to do to keep it safe? Or say you want to take a snapshot of your build? Or perhaps create a LiveCD or your own Distro? Well, say hi to Remastersys.

With Remastersys, you will be able to complete all of these tasks, and then some. Do as follows to install it on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala:

Open Software sources from System Menu > Administration. Click on the Other Software tab and add the following source:

deb karmic/

Save and allow the automatic update to finish. Now open a terminal emulator and type:

sudo apt-get install remastersys

This application needs to be run from the command line as root, here are some examples that you can use to take advantage of its very cool and powerful features:

1) to make a livecd/dvd backup of your system

sudo remastersys backup

2) to make a livecd/dvd backup and call the iso custom.iso

sudo remastersys backup custom.iso

3) to clean up temporary files of remastersys

sudo remastersys clean

4) to make a distributable livecd/dvd of your system

sudo remastersys dist

5) to make a distributable livecd/dvd filesystem only

sudo remastersys dist cdfs

6) to make a distributable iso named custom.iso but only if the cdfs is already present

sudo remastersys dist iso custom.iso

Thanks to the guys at UbuntuGeek!

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